Oszlopok/támaszok a kösösségben

Johan Oscar Smith’s legacy

Johan Oscar Smith was born in Norway in 1871 and is considered the founder of Brunstad Christian Church.

Aksel Smith: A generous man

Aksel Smith was one of the main pillars in the church during the early days, although he only lived to be 38 years old.

Elias Aslaksen: Searching for the essence of the truth

He was number one, the person everyone else was trying to emulate. Then he asked to resign.

Sigurd Bratlie: An apostle of God

Sigurd Bratlie was not known as a gifted speaker or a great writer. Neither was he a particularly charismatic leader.

Aksel Johan Smith: “I and My Father are One”

Aksel Johan Smith was a man with great spiritual power, who devoted his entire life to God’s service.